Watmon Dance Troupe

Northern Uganda suffered quite a batter after nearly a decade of war that left thousands dead, abducted, body parts cut off and others brutally tortured by the notorious Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army. Even after this disaster, the rich Acholi culture still stands out as a highlight on Uganda’s arts scene and a major source of inspiration and therapy against the trauma that resulted from one of the worst wars in the history of Africa. Mathew watmon is the founder of Watmon cultural troupe and has been at the fore front of Acholi dance for nearly 50 years, a very extraordinary dance tradition that was cherished by General IdiAmin in the 70’s. The tradition of the Acholi dances are an invaluable treasure, a fine blend of history, present and future. These dances range from war dances, marriage dances,courtship dances, funeral dances, harvesting dances among others.