Milege World Music Festival

This Project is an annual 3 day festival of indigenous arts in their pure and experimental forms that focuses on unearthing young extra ordinary artists and showcasing heritage arts in their pure and experimental forms as well as supporting local businesses based in Entebbe and creating jobs in the arts sector.
The festival is run by volunteers from the Milege acoustic project who have been trained in sound set up, event management, artists management and all aspects of an entertainment event on a small scale and offers them the opportunity to further grow their skills at a more professional level under the guidance of experienced professionals.

The festival is a 3-day celebration of exceptional African arts, presenting an outstanding line-up of bands, DJs, dance groups, music, poetry, visual arts, fashion, food and crafts exhibitions from the four corners of East Africa, all in the stunningly beautiful setting of the Botanical Gardens Entebbe. In addition to the arts programme, a variety of games, children’s activities, bonfire stories dance class, forest walks, boat rides, food & drinks, together with the possibility of camping on the grounds of the Entebbe Botanical Gardens, will create a unique experience.
The festival offers people the opportunity to enjoy an entire weekend of entertainment, with the option of either attending only one day of their choice or the entire festival. In the latter case, accommodation options include hotels ranging from cosy guest houses to 5star hotels as well as the possibility to camp on the festival site.
Through partnerships we make available all the services that one needs to feel comfortable during the festival, ranging from a wide variety of food & drink, security, a standby ambulance, standard medical facilities, sanitary facilities and internet.

Our current partners include, among others: Java House, Protea Hotel Entebbe, International Medical Center, Illumina Advertising and Viva Conagua
The festival is further supported by the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), Uganda Wild Life Education Centre, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC), Ovidian, Wizarts Media.
The 4th Edition will take place from Friday, 25th November to Sunday, 27th November 2016 at Entebbe Botanical Gardens.

Our Partners