Giovani Kiyingi


KIYINGI is Ugandan Folk music, world music and afro-house music Artist. As a multi-instrumentalist (African indigenous instruments), Kiyingi’s unique sound is defined by rich instrumental textures and rhythmic influences from Uganda. He is innovative especially in how he fuses all these influences to create a sound that defines him as an Artist. He plays indigenous instruments like Tube fiddle (Endingidi), Thumb Piano (Akogo), African harp (Adungu), Traditional flute (Endere) etc.
Kiyingi has performed at large music festivals across Africa and the rest of the world, and his authenticity and sharing of his talent with others has made him work / share stage with good musicians in Africa and outside Africa i.e.Pam Award winner Suzan Kerunen,multiple Award winner…
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29th August 2014 Milege performs Live at the Elephant, a regular show hosted by Kenya's Eric Wainaina .