The annual Duru Olympics

This is an annual tournament of indigenous from the different tribes of Uganda. Uganda has a total of over 60 tribes each with different languages, cultures and leisure activities.
The name Dulu refers to the seeds of the kabaka njagala tree (the king loves me tree) also called candlenut trees in English. These seeds where used to play a variety of games across the great lakes region.
This tournament features games that were popularly played from the early 1900’s till the early 90’s when they began to disappear. These games are timeless and enjoyed by people at all levels of society irrespective of age or status. Games include: kigo Kiganda ( wrestling)Omweso, Kwepena, Dulu, Kwepena, Sonko,rounders among others. All proceeds from the tournament go towards further developing the concept of indigenous sports.
These games qualify to be endangered cultural heritage hence the need to preserve , to document and to improve these games ie: have proper curricula ,rules, coaching systems. Product development, to develop customised attire, equipment and infrastructure.
Sport plays a major role in breaking social barriers and uniting communities.
Milege would like to promote indigenous games at all levels in the education system and eventually turn the games into sustainable lucrative ventures and avenues for Job creation.
We believe that Uganda will contribute one of her indigenous games to the Olympics someday. The tournament combines live music performances, live painting exhibitions and food