Milege Acoustic Project (MAP)

The Milege Acoustic Project is a non-commercial platform for artistic expression that brings together young as well as established artists, lovers of the arts and people who have always longed for the opportunity to perform, to share their artistic creations, to enjoy the work of other artists or to simply be part of a family of free spirited arts lovers. This initiative offers them the opportunity to share their work, learn, network and support each other.

The Milege Acoustic Project uses the power of the stage experience as a tool to unlock potential, as therapy against addictions depression and low self-esteem, for learning, social cohesion, talent discovery, artistic development and heritage preservation, all in a non-commercial context.

Milege has run a successful pilot project for 2 years at Makerere University, Uganda’s largest public University and is now dedicating the next 24 months towards expanding the platform to Kyambogo University as well as to creating a platform for music of the deaf. The deaf in Uganda are a sizable community, but very little consideration is made by event organizers to seek out talent and promote the arts amongst the deaf. Through MAP, we would like to create music platforms for the deaf, discover and scout musical talent amongst the deaf who can later be included on festival/concert line-ups across the country, and create a focal point where the deaf and hearing communities come together to enjoy the arts.

We believe that this will fill the gap in including the deaf in events, festivals and the overall arts industry of East Africa and creating a system that deliberately scouts/discovers and promotes artistic development amongst the deaf.

At the Milege Acoustic Project we don’t pay artists to perform and neither do we charge the audience entrance fees. However, anyone can contribute at their discretion towards covering project costs.

MAP’s weekly shows are characterized by a small intimate set up, bonfires, a closely-knitted social association of arts lovers .The typical MAP line-up showcases music, dance, poetry and storytelling and is open to showcase any other art form. The shows take place every Thursday at the Makerere University Guest House gardens from 19:30-22:30hrs And every Friday at Kyambogo University’s Peace park from 19:30hrs-22:30hrs.

Milege opens its rehearsal space once a week and anyone can come and be a part of the rehearsal, receive guidance from more experienced artists and be able to showcase their art at the weekly MAP show based on progress made. Milege teams up with Open Mic Uganda to mentor and facilitate University students in developing their art.


Connect With Us

The event has grown to beat the capacity of the Makerere University Guest House gardens attracting an organically grown audience of over 1,000 weekly.
Out of MAP has emerged several independent artists and has created a focal point for established artists to mentor young artists.
All aspects of MAP are run by volunteers under the guidance of experienced professionals in the fields of sound set up, public speaking, event organisation or management, event theming, programing, event production database management, social media marketing, database management among others.
MAP looks at expanding to other Universities in the East African region and towards having a special music development arm for people with disabilities especially the deaf. (MAP sign Chapter)
MAP has become a talent pool for arts organisation’s in Uganda and for other Milege Projects like the Milege world music festival that takes on volunteers who have excelled at MAP to run events on a larger scale and link young artists to opportunities across the globe.