The Mosaic Patterns Project


Mosaic Patterns is an up scaling initiative by Repainting Uganda to empower female beggars, children and persons with Disabilities who have been negatively affected by social, economic and political pressures. The project involves teaching women how to turn trash into valuable products. This empowers the women and at the same time reduces on litter which is menace in Uganda.


Why Mosaic Patterns?

A mosaic pattern refers to an art piece made by patching up small pieces of material together to form one art work. In this case, we use waste material (used air time vouchers)to create mosaic works.                    

Alone these pieces of waste hold no value but when collected and placed together, they form beautiful valuable art pieces.


Similar to mosaic patterns are the broken, ugly and useless  pieces of the lives of these women ,Pieces of abuse, rejection and abject poverty that society is not aware about. These ugly pieces can be turned into a new beautiful mosaic life .This is  the underlying message in the mosaic patterns project. Mosaic Patterns symbolically demonstrates the relevance of every individual in society regardless of background, history or condition. Through Mosaic Patterns, young women, children, men, and persons with disabilities , especially those  living below the poverty line can be empowered by equipping them with tangible skills and innovative alternatives to begging.

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